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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free Motion Stitching Experiment

As part of the online course I'm doing at the moment, we had to do some free motion stitching.  These are a few of my experimental pieces from yesterday:-

The small piece at the bottom is 5 pieces of white tissue paper machine stitched; the piece on the right hand side has bark paper on the bottom, followed by a piece of fancy, sparkly paper and a piece of crinkled voile on the top, all free motion stitched.  The longer panel is 5 pieces of white tissue paper stitched into a grid pattern, which formed a lovely surface upon which to stitch so I decided to embroider some flowers in the colours of the page it is to be mounted on.

The panel with a little more embroidery - not quite finished yet.

I have a few more ideas of layers that might be good stitched together, which I will try next.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

More Work On The Ledger Pages

I have been very fraught this week, trying to make several different ledger pages using different techniques.  Some of them haven't worked out right and I have been quite frustrated but think I have settled on what I am fairly happy with now.  Here are some piccies:-

Lots more angst in the pipeline  .....................!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New Class

I started a new online learning class a couple of weeks ago, run by the very talented Karen Ruane.  As you know I love embroidery and have in the past dabbled a bit with watercolours, so the idea of having a ledger to record stitching samples and other beautiful design methods really appealled to me.    I can't give too much away as the course is still running but here are my first two pages:-

This first exercise was in colour matching from a chosen image and then with progression through to stitched samples using specific stitches.  I  also added some collaged images and silk sari ribbon.

I had a piece of textured wallpaper which I liked the shape of and thought it would look good with some tissue paper, gesso and white paint.  I also added a bit of lace to make a nice textured piece for my ledger.

I'm just about to start the second exercise so will post when I have done my pages.