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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Am Opening My Door!

Well, I have started to open my door with Carole, as posted recently.  This is a fun journal workshop and certainly challenges me to step out of my comfort zone: no measuring, no scissors, no precision, no trimmed threads - yikes, can I do it??!

We had to start by making our journal pages from watercolour paper by tea bag dyeing, walnut staining, coffee or tea staining, painting etc., etc., followed by rubber stamping.  I had a go at this when I got back from my holiday last weekend and tried to use stuff I already had to avoid unnecessary expense.  Some of my pages are dyed with fruit tea bags - the best ones were cranberry and blackcurrant.  The orange ones didn't show up much.  At first, I thought the blackcurrant one was too purple but now that it has dried I kind  of like it and it tones in with pretty pinks and flowers etc., so I will keep it.  Others are done with tea and watered down walnut ink. Carole showed us how to use rock salt crystals to alter the look of the wet page and I had some in the cupboard and tried it but they must have been too old or something because the result was rubbish so I have abandoned this.

These photos are definitely a work in progress.  I have sorted out my 3 signatures (the outer sections which hold the journal pages) and have started to put together my extra bits and bobs (extra pages, vintage text, sheet music, nice cards or paper bags etc).  Nothing is sewed or glued in yet so that is why there are paperclips everywhere, so I don't forget the placings I like!  I just wanted to get some photos together to show that I am progressing, if a bit behind on the workshop due to holiday.

I will have extra pages but have been held up by my signatures being too bulky for the book cover I had chosen, so I have had to have a root around and find a slightly wider book, so this is all very much in the planning stage.  Next step is to start free machining with the feed dogs down!!

Some of my pages look quite pale but they have been coloured and it's hard to tell their exact shade in the photos.  More to follow as my pages are done.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Memories of Devon & Cornwall

Here are a few of the MANY photos we have taken of beautiful places on our journey through Devon and North Cornwall.  I will be thinking of these when I am back at my office desk next week!

Cotehele, Devon - Valley Garden & Dovecote:-

Port Isaac, Cornwall - view from our cottage:-

The Old Post Office, Tintagel:-

Beere Ferrers, Devon:-

More photos when the rest have been downloaded!

Open Your Door Journal Workshop

I signed up for this great workshop, which unfortunately started while I have been away on holiday but I have been watching the videos and classwork posted so far and can't wait to get painting, ripping and ageing my pages in readiness for starting my journal signatures.

There is still time to sign up - the class will be online in its entirety until September.  Come and join Carole's extremely fun and free style!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Taking A Break .....

I am taking a long awaited break from the end of this week for nearly two weeks.  This is where I am going - can you guess where it is?  See ya!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Papers For Sale - Etsy

I have just listed two new designs in my Etsy Store - I hope you will pop over and have a look.  These are extremely time consuming to design but I am hoping to make some more in the next few months (when I get back from my holiday).

Thanks for stopping by.