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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marie Magazine Artwork

Well, my copy of "Marie" finally arrived and although ectastic to be published, I feel that the photos published have been altered: brightness and contrast-wise and I think this makes my work look washed out or sharpened too much. I also noticed a typo in the heading! The colours are much nicer in the flesh. Also, my blog address wasn't mentioned but my email address was (which I didn't want published!)I was initially disappointed that my article was right bang at the back of the magazine but then thought "how many people flick through a mag back to front?" - I know I do, so I felt better about it then!

Here are a couple of the other pages that didn't make it into the mag. Hope you like them!

Having said all that, of course it goes without saying that I am so chuffed that I have been featured so I suppose my niggles are just minor in the scheme of things.

A final big thank you to Jennifer Jackson & Stampington & Co. for featuring my work and for producing such a beautiful magazine with sumptuous eye-candy. THANK YOU!


Becs said...

THose are all gorgeous pages! I love thema ll, they have such detail! Great work...Becs

Cassandra said...

I am sorry you were not too thrilled with how things worked out. I was super happy for you I thought it looked wonderful! Congrats ~Cassandra

Twinkle Pink said...

OMGosh you are saying exactly what I was ~ I am so glad I am not alone on this. I will be saying something about that in my next post on the 1st so come along and add your two penny's worth.

The have over contrasted, solarised, played around with my picture or something and elongated it ~ all my soft colour is now sharp and bleached out, it has been suggested to me that they possibly scanned some of the pictures and that is why the pictures are so harsh and flat looking etc.

I am sorry for you well for both of us, we are artists and expect our work to be presented as it really is.

But yes after all that is was a thrill to be in the magazine.

best wishes Ginny

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I think these pages are lovely - and I also thought your page in Marie was lovely!

Kris Dickinson said...

Congratulations Bunty! I think your work is gorgeous and inspired! - Kris

Anonymous said...

Well done Barb, these are beautiful! Nasus.

Gabriela said...


Congratulations on the feature!
Love your layouts, fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Barbara! Congratulations on being in the Marie publication :) I will hopefully ONE DAY get my copy, lol! We really are at the end of the world here in Australia as far as postage time goes... always last....
I will search out your page as soon as I get it.
Your other pages are lovely by the way.
So sorry the colours didn't come out right in the magazine. I think that has happened to a few people. I think my red pages are showing like fire engine red, but they are actually a deep burgundy red.... well, like you said, it's a wonderful thing to be featured. Though, your email being published and no blog address is a real shame :(

Geralyn Gray said...

Congratulations on your publication in Marie. I am enjoying popping around to different blogs featuring Marie today. Your pages are stunning!

Mary said...

I would have been disappointed also, BUT your fabulous, beautiful, inspiring, gorgeous work makes up the diappointment. Just found your blog a month ago and I check it everyday for more inspiring work. Keep it up!


Janice Selby said...

I haven't recieved my copy yet, hoever I will look for your pictures first. I am sure they will be BEAUTIFUL.

Janice In Missouri

Viola said...

Congratulations, Barbara! Great job! As usual!! ;o)

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

I just saw this magazine at my little small town bookstore today! I was pretty surprised to see such a lovely magazine all about altered art. I googled it too see if there were more, I guess this is the first issue! Well, congrats on the inclusion - it really was lovely!