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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Hard Disc Has Died!

Just wanted to say sorry for the delay in posting new artwork but our computer's hard disc died last weekend. It looks like all my photos and artwork from the last 18 months have been lost and it wasn't backed up. My hubby is going to send the dead disc off to a data retrieval company in the hope that they can extract all the missing work and images - I do hope so. I am very miserable at the moment as whole folders of images have gone. Frustrating isn't the word!

I must learn how to back up and start doing it - I am so annoyed I can't tell you!


Anonymous said...

Very frustrating! I've found you again - pics of Corfu look good.
Love the Red Cherries girl too.

icandy... said...

oh no!!! hope you get everything back up and running soon!

Beautiful blog!! :)


Musings of a Sea Witch said...

Been their myself. It is a hard lesson learned. Get a small, automtic backup storage unit, they are cheap and hold lots of data and let it save automatically at a selected time. On a brighter note, I just found your blog and love it Your work is lovely. Sea Witch

Uniquely Myself said...

How frustrating that must have been. I too have tons of images and I use with such peace of mind. It's about 60.00 per yr Canadian with unlimited storage. Did you ever get your images back?
Sandra - Uniquely Myself