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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking a Little Break .....

Just a short break from tomorrow for one week to re-charge the batteries.  This is one of the places we will be visiting:-

When I get back, I hope to share some exciting news with you.  Watch this space and start saving your pennies! Please tell your friends and if I can push my followers up to 100 ie 30 more, then I will be having a super giveaway to celebrate!  Please spread the word!


Laurie said...

Have a lovely trip -- wish I could join you!

kiwicarole said...

I just love exciting news!!! Hurry up and get back - what do you think you're doing rushing off for a mini break when there is exciting news to be had???

Linda said...

Now you got me curious....where could that be?
Hope you have a great time there:-)

(Good to meet a fellow Snowshill fan! I shall definitely go back there in the spring next year.)