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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Not Much Art Going On

I think my mojo has gone on it's Summer Holidays - I haven't been well it's true and the most I can do at the moment is enjoy the garden - I have had no sign of any interest, let alone creativity in art for the last few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I just planted some Lupine this week and hope they do well.

Sorry you aren't feeling up to snuff. Perhaps sitting in the garden will lift your spirits.

Warm caring hugs,

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Dear Barbara
Oh such beautiful Spring delights in your lovely garden.
Art pursuits will wait patiently until you feel some inspiration again - just take one day at a time at the mo.
Thinking of you and sending very warm wishes,
love and big hugs
Shane x

Lululiz said...

Beautiful flower photographs! Muses are fickle creatures, they do go awol once in a while, but they do come back.

Joanna said...

Beautiful photographs, Barbara. I particularly like the first one, such gorgeous colours and great effect achieved.

Sending love and a hug.


Lisa said...

gorgeous photos and a lovely garden to boot...hope you are feeling better soon! I love the hydrangea!

Linda said...

Lovely photos...I especially like what you did with the lupins. Keep on enjoying your garden.
Sending love and a big hug.

Laurie said...

But *what* a garden! Wow! Gorgeous!

bikim said...

so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the 1st one!
Happy week,

carole brungar said...

I love your lupins you clever girl!!
hugs, carole x