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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homework - First Attempts at Free Motion Stitching

Carole over at Madness and Mess has been giving free video tutorials on free motion stitching in readiness for her new online course which is starting fairly soon.  This is to enable anyone wanting to do the course without free motion stitching experience to be up to speed ready for sign ups.

I have always wanted to master this but it has always frightened me - putting the feed dogs down and the fabric wandering all over the place is very scary indeed!  Here are my first attempts for Carole to have a look at!
Very tiny, scrunched up writing!

Getting a bit better.

Not too brilliant but better than when I first started - what do you think Carole?  I know I need much more practice.  I find it quite tiring holding onto the fabric, making sure the needle doesn't run away with it!


Carolyn Phillips said...

I am very impressed. It is much better than my rather wonky first attempt this week.

Lululiz said...

I have never tried it either, its scary, lol. I think you got the hang of it alright, well done!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Gosh this looks perfect to me - it certainly doesn't come easily though does it!!
I practised a little but I'm not sure that this is my thing!!!!

Wishing you a wonderful new week mon amie.

ShabbyChicShaz said...

It's looking good, sure you've not done it before? :)

carole brungar said...

I agree with Carolyn too, I'm pretty darned impressed with your first efforts! You're almost a pro already!!

Good for you. The key to FM stitching is moving the fabric. You can buy special gloves from some quilting stores that help you to move the fabric :))
Just don't stitch thru your finger! A+ for your homework!

Linda said...

I think you're a start pupil!!
I love to see machine stitched words....

Laurie said...

You did improve as you went along!