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Friday, March 16, 2012

Google Friend Connect Followers Gadget

Can anyone let me know if there is a simple way that I can get my Followers gadget back again?  I understand that Google have changed this from 1st March but although on my Dashboard I still have all my Followers listed, on my blog page there is only text saying that the gadget is configured incorrectly.  I am hopeless with anything technical like this and I know that other bloggers still have their followers showing under Google Friend Connect.

I would really appreciate any help you can give!  Thanks so much.


Joanna said...

It looks ok from this end - I can see lots of happy smiling faces and it says you have 219 followers. Maybe try logging out of Blogger and view your blog as an outsider, as it were, can you see the Google Friends Connect thing now?

Good luck (and I'm rubbish at technical stuff too!).

Debbie said...

Hi...I have the same problem this morning...I just think blogger is up to his old tricks as there was nothing wrong with my settings or followers last night when I turned off my laptop. I think I'll wait a while....then panic if they don't come back.
Hugs Debbie x

Bunty said...

Thanks for the comments - it seems to be ok now - must have been having a funny turn!!

Miek said...

I just became a follower and i can see al 224 happy faces!

elmsley rose said...

Hello there (come across from Pinterest) I see you've solved the problem, but just so you know, I've found a *magical source*. A techy guy that answers questions! is a contact. He's been really helpful to me - principally a WordPress fellow, but worth trying out if you have a problem. :-)