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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This Week I Have Been Mainly Making Digital Collages!

Here are some of the collages I have been making this week - I cannot stop as they are very addictive.

The top (red) one is 3 images collaged together: Grunge 2 from DeviantArt, Vintage Fabric from Aleeka and Graph Paper from Katie Pertiet.

The little girl is a vintage image from my collection collaged with a vintage cloth texture from "Playing With Brushes" - a Flickr friend. I then used the dry brush tool and a flourish digital brush.

The 2 middle photos are inspired by a beautiful lace photo from "Playing With Brushes" again, collaged with an old book page. In the coloured version, I have used yet another texture of torn paper from "Playing With Brushes" and this has been colour blended in Photoshop with the gradient tool.

The last image of the tulips is one from my collection collaged with 2 more of "Playing With Brushes" textures - one text and one photo texture.


Viola said...

Your pieces look all so great, Barbara! Wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely! You are a brilliant artist! Nasus Senrab.