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Monday, October 12, 2009

I Have No Computer Again!

Well, something's gone wrong again with our main computer - I have not been able to use it since the middle of last week and have no access to my printer or scanner!!! I am able to use our backup computer but that is not connected to all the other pieces of equipment I need.

I am therefore late doing my October artwork for Cassandra's Design Team and can't post about the goodies I got at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, London, last Saturday or the mixed media piece I started in a workshop I took at the show with Claire Martin. It was quite basic when I left (workshop only lasted one hour) and I have been working on it since and it is coming along nicely.

Oh well... can't do much about it - Mr.VB has been trying various things to fix it but has had no luck yet - one more idea to try tomorrow - fingers crossed. Hope it's fixed very soon....


Cassandra said...

Good luck! These things can be so frustrating!

Sea Witch said...

Oops,sorry to hear about the computer issues again. Hope the geeks will look kindly upon you and fix what needs to be done. Loving the new background and header. One of my favorite digital artists. Sea Witch