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Monday, March 8, 2010

Maintenance Now Completed!

UPDATE: I have more or less finished my blog makeover and am really pleased with how it looks. I would like to make my own background now I have a 3 column layout but as that will take me ages to get my head around (!), I am using one of Hot Bliggity Blogs' lovely backgrounds.


I am in the process of having a blog makeover and as part of that, have changed it to a 3 column layout (with the help of Itkupilli - thank you!) and so until I can change everything around how I like it, I apologise if things don't look quite right just now. Please bear with me!!


Laurie said...

It looks great! I did this recently and got help from a couple of blog resources - let me know if you want the links!

kiwicarole said...

Sounds very exciting! x

Terri said...

Your blog is coming along beautifully! I love your header, so tactile!

val said...

This is my first visit but it looks lovely to me! Well done and I will be coming back :0) from a 20 Minuter friend -Val

all kinds of everything said...

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