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Friday, March 5, 2010

Work in Progress

Thought I would share this little project which I am working on at the moment. I got a lovely book for Christmas by Ruth Rae - Layered, Tattered & Stitched and am fascinated by fabric which has been stamped upon. I have also been greatly inspired by the gorgeous work of Carole Brungar, whose blog I discovered during the OWOH event and so I thought it was high time I had a go myself.

I prepared a large piece of fabric - muslin or cotton calico (not sure which) and stamped randomly all over it with many different stamps until it started to look good. It was a bit trial and error but I think I know the kind of look I will go for in the future. I thought I would like to make something heart shaped so cut out a couple of heart shapes. This is as far as I have got - this will be the front and so far I have attached several pieces of old lace, together with an accent scrap of material in a deep turquoise colour. I will be adding some kind of ruffle to the top and some other bits on the front - probably either nice buttons or pretty lace scraps, not sure yet exactly what.


Terri said...

This is so pretty! The book sounds very inspiring as is your heart here.

Anonymous said...

Oh ~ that heart is just so pretty! I may have to check out that book myself! Always inspiring, my friend!

Heavens2Betsy said...

This is exquisite Bunty. Can't wait to see how this piece develops!

Sea Witch said...

How lovely. I can't to see how your progess with this unique book. Sea Witch

Laurie said...

The stamping is interesting - I love all the lace, too!