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Monday, May 24, 2010

My French Friday Giveaway Arrived Today!

I am not at work today as I have just found out I have tennis elbow and am feeling pretty miserable as I can't do all the usual, normal things with my right arm.  Anyway, postie brought me something which cheered me up a little bit.

Two weeks ago, I won the French Friday Giveaway at A Little Bit French and my goodies arrived today.  The giveaway was the beautiful pouch but when I looked inside, Rhonda had included a pretty piece of lace tied up with seam binding, some lovely French stamped luggage tags and a couple of French inspired cards - I was really  delighted.  Thank you so much Rhonda - your work is beautiful.  Here are a couple of piccies:-

Close up of the lovely pouch:-

and the whole package:-


kiwicarole said...

Oh you lucky thing! I drooled over that when I saw it!
:) Carole

Laurie said...

Oh, lucky you! Tell me that didn't make your elbow feel better! ;) Seriously, I hope you rest your arm and it's back to as good as new, and soon!