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Friday, May 21, 2010

Your Vintage Gluebook Online Class

I signed up for this wonderful class organised by Mary of Green Paper which started last Sunday.  It runs for 3 weeks and there are 3 lessons per week - posting Sunday, Wednesday and Friday with a bonus image sheet every Monday.  

I have been collaging for a couple of years now and thought I knew a lot about it but this class has been a revelation thanks to Mary's great tips, techniques and instruction.    Here are some of my pages so far:-

The first lesson was an introduction to vintage gluebooks and specifically about colour and composition.  Here is my Lesson 1 Page:-

Lesson 2 was all about size in composition and Mary set a challenge to work with JUST 3 ITEMS!  This was tricky but it was a great lesson and I think I understand it now.  Lesson 2 pages:-

Lesson 3 posts today so I am off to have a read!  More later.......

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Laurie said...

Your pages are lovely!