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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Altered Envelope

I've had this envelope lying on my desk for months, thinking that I might do something with it and every time I talk on the 'phone, I move bits of paper around on the envelope while I am talking and never do much beyond that. However, I have now finished it and am quite pleased with the shabby French vintage look. These are all small scraps of paper and lace with a few buttons sewn on, a couple of eyelets punched and two flowers painted. Oh, and a little embroidery. I have already started on another one!


Anonymous said...

This is very pretty Barb. Nasus.

Viola said...

Love it!! :o)))

Beadyjan said...

Oh Tres Chic!
I'd have neded up doodling on it if it was laid around on my desk. Well done for making look prettier.

Holly Loves Art said...

It's really, really gorgeous!! All the details and the layout.. fabulous! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday.

Take care,